• Supports & Services for ASD

Stakeholders and Roles


  • Parents or Guardians

  • Special Education Teacher

​ General Education Teacher


School Psychologist

Speech-Language Pathologist

Occupational Therapist

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Physical Therapist


Vocational Specialist

Adapted Physical Education Teacher


Social Work



 ​​​​​​​​​Provides assistance in educational and behavioral interventions.  Works with students in special and/or general education settings.  Completes daily data on students. Communicates and collaborates with the special and general education teachers. ​Biological parent, foster parent, legal guardian, or an individual acting in place of parent. 
Provide information about the history, strengths and needs of child. Cultural and developmental information family wants, needs, goals, and intervention techniques and strategies for the child/student. 

Licensed teacher trained in special education. 
Provide input in meetings, strategies, and interventions. Implement IEP goals, accommodations, modifications. Administer curriculum.
Teach skills that address areas of need.  Maintain records/data on student.
Administer and interpret assessment.  Develop strategies to promote progress in areas of need. 
Write and facilitate IEP meetings. 
Communicates with parents, general education teachers, student/child, and all related service providers.

 Licensed teacher trained in an academic subject. Provides curriculum for academic area. 
Implements accommodations, modifications. 
Attend IEP meetings. Communicates with special education teacher, parent, and child/student.    

School principal, assistant principal, counselor. 
Represent the school at meetings.    

Trained and licensed in school psychology. 
Administer and interpret assessment. 
Develop behavioral plans.     
Educated, trained, and licensed in speech and language development.
Provide training in speech development, communication skills for school, work, community settings.       
Trained and licensed in Occupational therapy.
Provides training in personal care skills, activities to work on sensory, social, tactile, or transition issues in various settings (school and community). 

Trained and certified specialist in behavior.
Assist in assessment, training, and direct intervention in various settings (i.e. home, school, community). 

Trained and licensed physical therapist.
Work with the student to develop physical strength, fine and gross motor skills and control, walking, ascending and descending stairs, use of play equipment, mobility equipment, coordination, balance.      
Professional assistant
Provides assistance in educational and behavioral interventions
Works with students in special and/or general education settings.
Completes daily daga on students.
Communicates and collaborates with the special education teachers.
Trained in education and vocation opportunities
Provides student and parents with information pertaining to employment or educational opportunities, career development, and skill development for independent (to the best of the student/child’s abilities) post-secondary education, employment, and community success and integration/assimilation. 

Licensed P.E. with adaptive P.E. training and credential.
Provides P.E. activities appropriate for individual with ASD 

Trained and licensed in nutrition.
Provides nutritional guidance. Develops nutritional and feeding plans for students with food related issues.        

Trained in social work.
Provides assistance/guidance in social-emotional, behavioral, and academic areas when academic progress impeded due to respective issues.  Provide training or counseling in behavioral, social, vocational areas, as appropriate for the student/child.    

Individual with ASD (depending upon age and abilities)
Provide input on strengths, areas of need, goals, abilities.    
Makes diagnosis of ASD.  May prescribe medication.